You Can Go Far With Advice From A Recruiter

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The job recruitment process doesn’t end when the recruiter finds you a job. The best recruiters will give you advice that will help you from your first day on the job and last you the rest of your career. You see, a good recruiter isn’t just looking to place you somewhere and forget about you. No way. In fact, what the best recruiters do is develop relationships and reputations, for themselves and for you, the applicant. Relationships and reputations can be considered the model for how to be both an employee and a recruiter.

The best recruiters, like the ones you’ll find at IQ Partners recruiting services, will tell you how to impress you boss and coworkers on your first day, your first week, you first month, and you first year in your newly recruited position. The advice that IQ Partners will give you ranges from the ever-important need to be social, meet people, and make a good impression. Remember the adage that first impressions last forever? This is never truer than at a new job. The ways you can impress and endear yourself to new coworkers and bosses are many; they include, dressing the part. Pay attention to the dress code in your new office; spend time and energy dressing the part. Even dress a bit over the dress code and see how impressed this makes your coworkers.


Another solid piece of advice that a recruiter might give you is to do your research. Many people relax after being hired. You might do a bit of research into the company so you can talk the talk during the interview, but if you’re hired, don’t stop there. Knowledge is power and the more well read you are about the company and the culture, the better you’ll do and the more you will impress. Another thing to do is set realistic goals. You don’t want to promise your boss or your coworker things that you can’t accomplish. Assess what you can do and how you’re going to do it before making any promises because you want people at your new job to know that you are trustworthy.

Another small but very useful tactic is to always be appreciative of people’s help. When you start a new job you will have to rely on your coworker’s assistance. Make sure you communicate to them how appreciative you are of their help. Saying thank you is one way, another is to buy them a coffee or a treat. You’ll be surprised how far simple gestures like this take you in your new job.'

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