Win a Free Custom WordPress Website

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When you think of free websites, you’re probably imagining a cheap-looking template. You get what you pay for, after all. Wix and the other free site builders have improved over the years. But you can still tell which sites were thrown together in a template, and which ones were custom-built in WordPress or another Content Management System (CMS). It’s obvious. Not just to you and me, but to your potential customers. Having a bad-looking website can hurt sales. So, you’d think that most business owners would invest more into building a great site. The problem is, it costs so much to get it done right. A quality web design can take weeks of work and might cost thousands. But what if you could get a professional WordPress site setup for free? That’s what this Alabama-based web design company is offering. Yes, they are giving away their services for free to one fortunate business owner.

Webology – The Willy Wonka of Web Design?

I scoured the contest rules, and it doesn’t look like you have to buy a bunch of candy bars to win. In fact, here are the requirements to enter the contest and win a website. All you do is like, share, and comment on a post on their Facebook feed. Pretty easy huh? Based on the work in their portfolio and the contest rules, it looks like the winner is getting a top-notch deal. It might not be a lifetime supply of chocolate, but this is still a killer deal for business owners. Check it out if you have an older site design, or if you’re just starting out.

What if I don’t Win?

Okay, so we can’t all win this thing, right? What about the rest of us? Are there any other free options out there? I already mentioned Wix, which is actually pretty good if you’re on a budget. Then there’s IM Creator, Weebly, SiteBuilder and a whole list of options. If you’re fairly skilled, you could always DIY a WordPress install. There are countless free themes for WordPress that you can choose from. DIY is definitely an option with all the free tutorials on the web.

However, if you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have time for all that. Maybe you can do a Google search? There must be other web developers out there like Webology who are hosting a give-away. Why not enter them all? No matter which option you choose, try to get it done ASAP. It’s going to be difficult to survive in business without a great website. People think you’re a fly-by-night operation if you don’t show some history on the web. Get a site built and start adding customer testimonials. You’ll give potential customers the confidence they need to do business with you. What are you waiting for? Grow your sales with a great-looking website. It’s easier than you think. So, get something started today.


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