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Whitefield is a strong micro-market that has transformed into a self-sustaining location these days. The development report of this area was scripted in the early 2000s, and that was when the IT boom of Bangalore reshaped Whitefield as a major residential area.

It has now turned to be one of the most sought-after real estate localities in the country. Over the next TWENTY FOUR months, it will be outstandingly linked to the other main areas of the city through the ‘Namma’ Metro. This micro-market is gradually turning into an independent microcosm, with adequate public facilities already in place and a lot more coming up.

Popularly recognized for its scenic elegance along with vibrant green trees, excellent international educational institutions, as well as great hospitals, are also being set up in Whitefield.

 The locality now possesses some spectacular residential projects by well-known developers to provide. The region enjoys exceptional connectivity to Bangalore’s several business districts and has now turned out to be a very popular site for both property investors as well as end-users.


Due to the extreme IT impact on Whitefield, the existence of important public amenities, speedily developing facilities and high-quality academic institutions in the area make Whitefield an exceptionally desired site in all aspects.

 For residence searchers in Bangalore, this location is a heaven on earth. Whitefield has a host of choice which includes high-end villas like Mims Crescenta and gated communities to choose from.

Builders in this place provide high-quality housing villas, apartmetns throughout all verticals, with the supply geared squarely at buyers from the IT as well as commercial sectors. Whitefield has been experiencing regular annualized gratitude to the tune of eleven to fourteen percent, which has been even greater in the event of select projects with exceptional specs and facilities.


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