Where to Find the Best Shopping in Athens, Greece

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Greece is a shoppers’ paradise in every sense. Greece has an option to give you the best of fashion, souvenirs, organic stuff, etc. Yes, Greece does have a lot to offer in shopping other than the ruins of the bygone era that Greece is famous for. Greece offers you a wide choice of car rental services at Athens Airport, offering you reasonable rides to the city center, which has all the shopping areas. You can select the area depending on your choice of shopping or go to an area where you can get almost anything. The poor state of the economy has made Athens a shopper’s paradise with shops all over. Traffic is now restricted on some of the busy and narrow streets that have now been converted into walkways with cobbled stone surfaces making it easy for shoppers to walk through.

Plaka is a neighborhood in Athens with small shops selling everything from jewelry to antiques. If you have an eye or exquisite handcrafted jewelry, Plaka is the place to go. It is easy to get lost in Plaka with the many lanes and all the wonderful shops that you can see. Remember to carry a map.3

If shopping for clothes is one of the main reasons for your visit to Athens, then you can’t miss Ermou Street. Pick up the best of the Benneton or Mark Spencers that you may need from here. The leather is another important item to shopping for inErmou Street. The best of Italian leather in the best of bargains are available at Nikos Spilliopoulos Shoes. Shopping can be an experience here with street musicians, clowns, mimes, beggars and what not.

Monastiraki flea market is one place you may not want to miss for the sheer variety of materials you can buy here. It’s a real flea market on weekends with people sitting with tables on roadsides selling everything from jewelry to original paperback editions of books and vintage CDs. It is also the place for fakes. Be very careful with what you want to buy here, because even fakes sold here have quality.

Athinas Street gives you more variety of shops exclusively for door knobs, hats and caps. Even if you don’t want to buy any, it’s a delight to walk through the shopping areas in Athens.

Add to these the exclusive shopping districts for different items. The whole experience is going to fascinate you. Imagine an entire shopping area only for ribbons, buttons, hair accessories or purses. It’s all there in Aeolus and AgiosMarkos Streets.

Don’t be surprised if you get to see some unimaginable offers on clothing and other materials at many shopping centers of Athens. There are shops who are desperately trying to sell off their merchandise to meet their daily earnings. No time can be better in visiting this shoppers’ haven than now. Make the most of it.



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