What Makes Healthy Paws the Best Pet Insurance Coverage

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It would not be wrong to suggest that out of all the plans reviewed until date, Healthy Paws has impressed people the most. Furthermore, being the highest-rated pet insurance company as per the customers, Healthy Paws has been a renowned foundation that donates a considerable portion of its profits to cater medical care for thousands of homeless pets.

Members of Healthy Paws have reported the highest claim reimbursements along with the most reliable coverage as compared to any pet insurance plans. Healthy Paws has been known to cover expensive genetic health conditions that several other companies leave out from their coverage.

What does it cover?

With Healthy Paws, your pet would be covered against chronic illnesses, late-onset birth defects, cancer, hospital visits, surgery, veterinary emergencies, prescription medications and so much more. Healthy Paws has been one of the only pet insurance companies to automate the claims process completely online. In order to file a claim, you could simply visit the claims portal online or download the application on to your smart phone. It would not be wrong to state that Healthy Paws has been the best pet insurance to cover any unforeseen health problems that your pets might face in their lifetime.

Whether there are any limitations on coverage?

Healthy Paws has been the only pet insurance plan to offer unlimited coverage for the entire life of your pet. There would never be any annual, caps on reimbursements or per-incident limits.

What do Healthy Paws not cover?

Healthy Paws would not cover regular veterinarian and routine care visits. Some of the examples of excluded treatments have been flea prevention, dental care, behavioural modification and heartworm treatment.

Pets that are under six years of age would qualify after providing a copy of its most recent veterinary visit. In case, the pet is six years or older, report of veterinary examination performed during the past thirty days would qualify them for the coverage.


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