Truth behind the Increase in the Demand of Convenience Stores

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In recent times, the convenience stores at the gas stations have led to an important development in market share, profitability, and share of wallet in stores where the strategic planning has been implemented. With increasing petrol and diesel prices and corroding fuel limits, the gas stations have come to understand that convenience stores have the prospective to offer greater productivity by fascinating refilling traffic to their premises. Petroleum Wholesale is a unique marketing concept that combines casual dining, shopping, and refilling etc. under one roof. The employees at the company say that there are many factors which drive their trade and cause consumers to shop at their store instead of somewhere else. Some of the factors that are responsible for success include:

  • Location: This is of course the crucial success factor and for the clients the location must be near to where they stay, the work place, or the usual route to and from home or work. Thus, the right location provides both suitability and worth.
  • Availability: Presence of high quality branded products attracts maximum number of customers. For instance, clients are very much loyal to the cigar brands that prefer to shop for that only.
  • Speed: This store offers fast, well-organized and friendly service as the customers are always in a rush.
  • Price: Customers are ready to spend a bit more in order to get the most convenient, high quality and time saving products and services that they want.
  • Environment: A clean, tidy and attractive looking store attracts customers. In addition, if the employees who are working in the store are friendly and courteous, clients find it favorable to shop.

At Petroleum Wholesale Inc. they ensure that all these factors are taken care of so that the clients remain satisfied and happy. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, this privately owned company supplies to more than hundred retail stores spread in more than nine states in the western United States. The company distributes wholesale and branded gasoline, diesel, and common carrier fuel for fuelling stations; and retail convenience store products via its retail gasoline stations. It has developed an advanced retail conception named as Main Street Market, which provides trademarked motor fuel and retail presents such as hardware, discount groceries, best quality cigars, fast food, auto parts and apparel. The brand new app launched by the company enables the customers to access the store specials, trip planner, and location finder and real time fuel prices without any hassle.

Apart from providing all these services, Petroleum Wholesale Inc. is an enthusiast of the charitable and humanitarian causes and is a keen ardent about animal rescue and adoption. The company publishes various informational blogs and articles in the social networking sites to raise awareness among the travellers. The company makes every effort to ensure that they are able to serve the customers throughout the United States in the best possible way.

Thus, the company sells goods for the customers with both convenience and value as one without the other is unjust.'

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