Top 5 Healthcare Training Course Providers in Ireland and UK

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For businesses or healthcare workers that are in the Ireland or UK area, they have numerous choices when it comes to the healthcare training that they get to expand upon their career. For businesses who are looking to outsource their training material or for those who simply want to take it upon themselves to ensure that they have the most valuable and accessible learning material for caring for the elderly and specific information about conditions, such as dementia. With this being said, we have compiled some of the best providers within Ireland and the UK of healthcare courses.

  1. Fairway Training Healthcare Ltd

This company has become of the top UK providers of healthcare training services to those in the area. They offer courses of refreshing you on the latest technologies and procedures being used in the healthcare field.

  1. Person Centered Healthcare Training

This company is located in Ireland, and offers training for staff, those who are new to the healthcare field, and the like. They do help to ensure that all companies are able to keep their workers up to the national standards that are set in place. Their instructors are trained in the latest information and they know how to ensure that everyone is trained with the latest, so your business flourishes.

  1. Servisource Healthcare Training

This company provides their healthcare training courses to private and public sectors. They are located in Ireland and are considered one of the most premier teaching services in the area. They have several locations throughout Ireland including Dundalk, Galway, Dublin, Westside Galway and Cork.

  1. Irish Healthcare Training Institute

For those who are seeking healthcare training courses, this institute is approved for use by all. In fact, it offers course that have been given awards from both Ireland and the United Kingdom. They offer several courses that can be used by those in the healthcare field.

  1. City Gate Training Centre

This is a training centre that specialises in healthcare and in social care. They are located in London and was established in 2006. They offer several courses, and are ready to train those who wish to be in the health care setting, whether they want to be in hospitals or doctors’ offices.

For those who are looking to expand upon their skills, or simply want to get into the healthcare field, these courses are some of the best in Ireland and the UK that offer what will be needed to stay up to date on the latest healthcare technologies and methodologies.

The information in this article was supplied by PCHT, Ireland’s leading healthcare training company in Person Centred Care.'

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