Tips for Marketing a Small Business Online

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Marketing a small business online is easy and challenging at the same time. It’s easy to set up a website and start marketing using social media profiles. However, as the competition is tougher online, doing so is all the more difficult. Your small business marketing campaign will take time to mature and attract customers as you would like. In the meantime, you can employ one or two of the below tips to make your campaign more effective:

Have a Corresponding Mobile App

The next greatest thing to happen to internet advertising since pay-per-click is mobile. In fact, more customers consume marketing material on smartphones than on desktop computers. Therefore, if you want to directly reach your target audience, you should refocus your efforts for grabbing attention of customers visiting your site using a handheld device. You will need to make your website compatible for different mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. It’s not a waste of money to invest in a team of Australian iPhone developers to make sure your content reaches its target audience in the best way possible.

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Use Hover Ads on Your Website

Remember pop-up ads of the past? All advertisers loved to use them, so much that users came to hate them enough for browsers to take steps to block all pop-ups. Even if they were reviled, pop-up ads were highly effective. Not many tools have come since then that are as effective. However, recent hover ads pack similar promise. As the name suggests, these ads “hover” over a website even if a user is scrolling down. They are as visible as pop-up ads, but without the actual popping up. Browsers cannot block them either. Therefore, hover ads can certainly boost your marketing campaign. However, make sure not to overuse them and annoy customers.

Write Timely Social Media Posts

You will not have a successful marketing campaign if social media is not involved. Once you have made up your mind about which social media platform to use, you should focus your attention towards writing great posts and posting frequently. Most marketers resort to automated posts to make sure the profiles are updated without errors. There’s a big caveat to automating posts: losing timely value. If you write a social media post now, you know what topics and news items are trending right now. Therefore, you can incorporate them for more shares and likes. Now, if you had automated this post, it would have lost that timely “flavour” and customers will find your posts stale.

Test New Changes

If you are making drastic changes to your website, social media profiles or other promotional material, test these alterations first with a sample of your customer base. If not, your changes could either be good, or really, really bad for business. You must avoid anything bad with your marketing campaign. So, before you go about making any significant changes, get customer feedback, which will tell whether you should go forward with the change, or not.

Establish Credibility

Your marketing campaign should go hand to hand with establishing credibility for your site. You can achieve this by posting only high-quality content and providing customer reviews for everyone to see. Without credibility, your marketing campaign is bound to have only a little success.

Follow the above tips, and your small business could become an internet sensation sooner than you think.'

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