Three Reasons to Add a Mezzanine Floor to Your Warehouse

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When you’re planning the best use of your warehousing space, you’ve probably spent hours poring over which shelving and racking will get the best use out of your space.

However, one solution which is slightly outside of the box which you might not have thought of is mezzanine flooring.

So what is mezzanine flooring?

It’s essentially a floor in between the main floors of a building, independent of the main structure and supported by columns.

They’re often just temporary structures that can easily be moved or dismantled, and are used to create extra storage space in high ceilinged premises such as warehouses.


Storage Space

The number one benefit of a mezzanine flooring is the extra storage space that it gives to your warehouse.

In fact, a mezzanine can offer almost 50% extra storage space to your warehouse.

The great thing about mezzanine flooring is that instead of creating extra physical space, it just makes the most out of the existing space that you already have.

Many warehouses spend ages trying to make the most of their floor space, but never consider the huge amount of space floating around above their heads!

Not only do they give you a lot of extra space, but they can be used to separate different types of stock, for example if you have any old stock that you want keeping out of the way.

In fact, your new floor can really be used for anything you want, you could use it as an office space if you so wished.


If you’re in desperate need of extra space, you’re potentially looking at an expensive extension, or even an entirely new building.

Installing a mezzanine will work out much cheaper, and could even add value to your property.

The installation of a mezzanine can also be done in stages, which allows you to spread the cost a little more.

You’ll also save a little bit of money on your utilities, as mezzanine floors allow for better air circulation.

Placing your offices on the mezzanine where the hot air will rise will allow you to keep heating costs down.

Easy to install

Compared to either moving premises or building an extension, setting up a mezzanine flooring is relatively straightforward and quick.

You’ll need to have a survey undertaken of your warehouse to see how your new flooring will fit in, but after that you’re ready to go.

Once installation is underway it should have a fairly minimal impact upon your day to day operations and your other members of staff.

The actual project time will of course vary on how big your installation is going to be, but projects will usually take around two to three weeks from the initial planning to completion.

Having said this, it’s important to know that anything over 200 square metres will require planning permission which you can head to the government’s planning portal for more information on.

For more info on mezzanine flooring, head to warehousing specialists AWS Ltd. who have put together a helpful guide on mezzanine flooring.'

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