Texture Lets You Bring Your Magazine Reading On Vacation

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Summer is here and in full swing so you know what that means… It’s time to get away and take a vacation! But while there will be plenty to do and much to see on your travels, you’re probably going to want some reading material for the journey there and especially if your destination includes relaxing outside and catching some sun. Magazines are great for travel reading, but they introduce the annoyance of having to pack even more things than you are already. So if you’re a magazine lover going on vacation, what do you do? You get Texture, that’s what!

If you’re not already in the know, Texture is the revolutionary new app for your smartphone or tablet that gives you access to an enviable database of magazines to peruse at your leisure. How many magazines, you may ask? There are over 150 of the top magazines literally at your fingertips –People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Maclean’s and so many more. I could write this entire article on the wealth of different publications you can view, but I’m not going to… because there’s much more about Texture that you need to know!

This isn’t just like reading magazine articles off of the Internet either – Texture brings you the actual magazine as if you were holding a hard copy. There really isn’t any difference. Needless to say, the entire interface is top notch, allowing you to easily search for titles as well as giving you a personal library section where you can slot all of your favourite publications for even easier access. You can also bookmark specific articles to tailor Texture right to your own tastes. And if you want to read older material from a certain magazine, you’re in luck. Texture archives tons of back issues and stores them in the database. There’s so much paper being saved here, it’s blowing my mind!

Another cool feature is that you don’t even necessarily need an Internet connection to read. As long as you quickly prepare beforehand, you can download all of your intended reading material in advance so it’s ready to go wherever you are. Plus, an account can be accessed on up to five separate devices, making mobility even easier. Obviously, this is perfect for any kind of travelling you plan on doing.

If you’re still wary after reading all of this, then know that there’s a free 30-day trial for you to get started and test everything out. Let’s face it – you’re going to bring your tablet and smartphone with you on vacation, so load it up with some of the best magazines that North America has to offer.

Image Source: Texture


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