Should You Ask for a Raise or Get a New Job as a Dental Assistant?  

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If you have been browsing various dental jobs websites over the last few days in order to find a new position that pays better, you may not have considered simply asking for a pay raise at your current dental office.

An important first step before asking your current employer for a pay raise is to check how much your colleagues are getting paid. If you feel you are paid less than your peer3s, then make sure you bring this up. All employers want to be seen as being fair to their employees, and if they are not being seen as fair in front of their own employees, then they could have an unhappy workforce moving forward.

I personally believe that there should be a yearly evaluation of a dental assistant’s salary. Obviously, this is the most important time to ask for your pay rise, especially if you have taken on new responsibilities within the last year since your previous salary evaluation.

Here are some tips to increase your likelihood of being offered a pay rise. We would recommend you askquestions such as:

  • “Do you think my work ethic has been good in the last year?”. After your colleague comments, this is where to sell yourself by saying things like “I only took three sick days in the last year” or “I have managed to stick under the dental supply budget every month, which is saving the practice money”.
  • “What do I need to do to increase my yearly salary?” You could maybe suggest extra tasks that you can take on in your day to day work in order to make you more valuable to the team. As an example, you could manage the dental office’s emails or social media pages in order to attract more customers.
  • “Can the dental office start a new bonus scheme?” If you have been knocked down for a salary increase, then there are other ways to increase your potential take home pay – such as with bonuses. These bonuses could be paid if you have reached a goal agreed between you and your employer. You could say that this would make you more motivated to work, and the performance of the practice will increase as a result.

If you ask these questions, then a general discussion into the area can be conducted and hopefully, there may be some good news for you. It is important to do your research by finding out what other practices are paying their dental assistants, and if you feel you are underpaid compared to other dental assistants in the local area, make it known! The last thing your practice will want to happen is to lose you to a rival business. It is important to make it clear how important to the practice you are. If you fail in your request, and feel like you could get a better salary elsewhere, then we would recommend you check out for some of the available dental assistant jobs.'

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