Removing Reviews from Google Learns About Web Analytics

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The removing reviews from Google company is an efficient company that is known for being the best company in the reputation management industry. The company uses Google Analytics in order to help their customers figure out what is affecting their sales and what work can be done in order to not only remove the negative results via search engines but maybe remodel their sites itself.

With Google web analytics you can track 3 main metrics such as:

  • Customer Data: this tells you if your customers are just customers, or loyal customers to your brand.
  • E-Business Data: tells you how many unique visitors, visitors and page views you have. Therefore this also indicates the amount of returning customers would have on their website.

  • Raw Data: this metric indicates how many hits you have. A hit is when a consumer goes on your site, everything on the site, including content and images, when they get loaded it can count as a total of 100 hits for example.

You are also able to see where they are visiting your site from, whether or not they are using mobile devices or desktops and their customer demographics. You can also see what types of customers are visiting your site and also finding out where your traffic is coming from. Normally the traffic comes from direct, Google search or reference sites. One thing that is great about web analytics is you are able to find out the depth and length of a customer’s visit, regency, customer loyalty, funnel visualization which is whether they have bought something or just left the website, and benchmarking which is where you stand in your industry compared to your competitors.

This is such an important factor to know in order for the removing reviews from Google’s clients to know where they stand and if the negative result is really what has been affecting their sales. The removing reviews from Google team works hard with web analytics in order to find out if the negative result is really causing their sales to drop and what activity is going on their site.'

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