Relieving the beautiful calligraphy art by Kimberly Wang Dey

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One can see that the technology has ushered in the modern era so every one of us has moved from the traditional writing to the digitally sound typing modes. If the person is far away and wants to speak to the family and friends than E-mails or video chats have become a sound medium for them. Even people can get the online E-cards to convey their feelings and messages to family and friends. But Kimberly Wang Dey feels that the lost art of writing has its own charm because the hand-written messages do carry an impact on others.

Uplifting the lost calligraphy art

In today’s world, every one of us knows that digitalized technology has empowered us so much that no one finds time to practice the art of writing. There is one art form of writing which is gaining a digital momentum too and it is a calligraphic art. Yes, calligraphy is the art form of writing where one learns to write the sentences or messages in an amazing way with beautiful strokes.


You can move your hand in a marvelous way and generate the unique form of writing these words. Even Kimberly Wang Dey tells that the charm of calligraphic writing is relieving back and many enthusiasts are on the verge of uplifting it mixed with technology. So, you can look forward to many key features which actually has helped in relieving this writing form and why people have started loving to write:-

  • It helps you in emerging from any kind of stress and improves mental health as you can practice this art form in your own time and write with amazing strokes giving an aesthetic touch.
  • The calligraphy art form is generally economical because one just needs a penholders, ink, paper and nib which are quite common in stores where one can find the writing materials.
  • Even some people have turned this passion or hobby of calligraphy in generating income for themselves. One can find many online calligraphic artists which can design stunning writing designs on the cards or fancy lettering of messages of people.
  • Many calligraphic enthusiasts have put up their work online so the income they have generated from there can help them in getting modern nib and penholders to write in a prolific way.

Improve upon your passion

Kimberly Wang Dey says that it is usually witnessed that some people get rid of trying again and again which is actually not correct. He is of the view that this great art form needs patience and passion towards their work. You cannot just practice it once and gain momentum in this field because it needs regular practice on behalf of the writer to produce some really artistic and designer write-ups. There are many tools and techniques which a beginner can follow without undergoing the stringent writing practices.

So, it can be visualized that with the increasing number of enthusiasts in this field, the era of writing will make a comeback.'

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