Online Reputation Management: The Smallest 360 degree Camera

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360 degree cameras are the new technological craze and reputation management is the company that will be able to bring it to the people. The camera is called Nico360, this is a water resistant camera that has a front and back camera with two 16 megapixels sensors, and it can shoot 25 megapixel stills. It can live stream footage as long as there is a strong wifi signal for it use. This camera offers many modes to film such as flat, sphere, planet and VR.

The camera is extremely small and measures at 46 x 46 x 28 mm and weighs about 110 grams; which makes it lighter and more compact than any other 360 enabled cameras. It has an internal storage of 32 gigabytes which includes accelerometer, rotation and g-force. The images can be stored as JPEGs or Adobe Raw/DNG files which make it easier to edit and transfer. It has built in bluetooth and wifi capabilities where, as stated before, can be used to stream live on Facebook live, youtube live and Nico’s own Nico360 live.

The important thing that this camera will be compatible with both iOS and Android apps. It also has a standard screw mount which makes it easy to mount onto many different devices. There is a special early price of $129.99 American but will eventually go up to $149.99 for the camera. Online reputation management sees the market potential because this is probably the only 360 camera to date that will be affordable and also durable. The fact that it can handle a splash of water is a huge plus since its competitors recommend not using their cameras when raining.

The advertising campaign that online reputation management decided to employ is creating awareness on social media because the technology will sell itself, especially at a low price. GoPro’s are still in the three hundred dollar range and this camera has a better video quality and features for half the price. Reputation management knows that this can sell itself; all it needs is just a little marketing guidance to the right potential customers.'

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