Make Pasta Like a Professional

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If you’ve ever been in a great restaurant, you’ve probably noticed that the pasta is something you can’t reproduce at home. You might think that you need to go to fancy restaurants for high-quality pasta, but you don’t. The reason high-end restaurant pasta tastes so good is because they make it fresh. Most people make their pasta by buying dried pasta at the supermarket. That’s the root of your problem. Fresh pasta tastes far superior to the dried kind. This might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not actually very difficult. With the right tools and a little bit of preparation, you can make great-tasting pasta in your own home.

The Right Tools

Picking the right tools is very important. A pasta machine is one of the most important tools in a chef’s arsenal. A pasta machine works by rolling your dough to proper pasta thinness; many models will even cut the pasta into the desired shape as long as you want some kind of strands. If you want tortellini or ravioli, you’ll have to put those together by hand.

You need to find a good pasta machine to make quality pasta. You can find great machines at great suppliers. Looking through the catalogue of chefs utensils by Pattersons is a great way to find a quality pasta machine. You should definitely buy your machine online because you can find one at a better price. Brick and mortar stores have overhead that they have to pay which drives up the price of their items. Online stores don’t have to pay the same amount of overhead which keeps prices low.

The Process

Once you’ve got your machine set up, you’ll find that making pasta is incredibly easy. There are several different recipes on the Internet that are quick and easy. Most of them follow the same guidelines. To make a great pasta dough you combine flour with a little bit of salt. Those are pretty much all of the necessary dry ingredients. Some people like to add a little bit of garlic and onion powder, but that’s not necessary. Once you’ve got your dry ingredients thoroughly mixed, fold in eggs. For a slightly lower-fat pasta, you could use just egg whites. For a slightly denser pasta, you could use just egg yolks. Fold in the eggs and a little bit of water until it forms a solid dough.

Make Pasta Like a Professional

Once you’ve got a solid dough, knead it until it is smooth. Kneading dough creates gluten, which helps the pasta form the proper consistency. After letting it sit for about ten minutes, you should feed it into your pasta machine. This is where the right tools become so important.

A good pasta machine will have several different settings. Start at the widest setting and run your dough through. Run it through your pasta machine over and over until you get to your desired thickness. If your machine also cuts pasta, you can then cut it to the desired shape.

A great pasta machine and other great chef’s utensils can turn you into a great chef.'

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