Learn about the Best Way of Selling an Old iPhone

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A lot of old-fashioned people stick to their beloved pieces of clothes, items of everyday life and of course their electronics. They buy a phone and use it until it actually stops working. But according to the electronics experts in Canada the life changes every day so should do the people wanting to catch up with the fast speed of it. They advise not to get stick to one phone or lap top and try to change them at least every couple of years. In fact, if you have an iPhone, for example, then you know that the Apple brings in new product on the market every September, so do not be afraid – sell your old model and get a new one. Always be up to date!


So do not hesitate and think about selling your old iPhone. After the decision is made the only big issue that you need to consider solving is how and where you will actually sell your piece. In fact, today you can even return your phone back to the store in exchange for cash, but before giving it back make sure that you compare cell phones and their current prices on the market in order not to get less than you deserve! At the same time you can sell an old iPhone to one of your friends or just some people without any extra-help from retailers and of course there are options of selling the piece online.

In any case, you need to be patient when selling your old iPhone if you want to get the most of this process and weigh all the pros and cons of every possibility to choose the optimum.

Trade-in Programs

This is the fastest and actually easiest way to get the money. All you have to do is simply come to a store you bought your iPhone from (the best case is if you have purchased it in an Apple store) and hand it to an assistant. He or she will evaluate its condition and will set the price that a store will pay for it. In this case you can either agree and take the money instantly or if you are not satisfied take the phone back without losing anything. The main disadvantage of this option, though, is that you will usually get lower price than you can get at the following two options.

Online Marketplace

This is a perfect place for people who are not in a hurry for getting instant money back and do not want to interfere into personal relations with a buyer. All you have to do here is post the pictures of your iPhone online, make a description of it for the buyers, leave it there and just wait for any people interested. Then accept or deny their offers and that’s all. Send it to a buyer and get your money!

Personal Selling

This is the best way of selling your iPhone if you want to see the buyer and care about the personal negotiation. In this case experts advise to check iPhone prices in Canada and set the highest one in order to lower it during the personal meeting with a buyer. It is believed that this trick always has positive effect on buyers and makes it easier to sell a phone.


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