Importance Of JEE Main Rank And College Predictor Tools

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The JEE Main is an entrance exam for engineering courses in the top colleges and institutes in India. To some extent, the exam is also taken into account for admission to IIT and ISM. For this, the marks in the first paper are considered. The exam also decides the fate of students who want to study engineering in NIT and IIIT. The marks obtained in the JEE Main exam are added to the marks of board examination in the twelfth class.

Prediction Admission In Colleges

After the students have appeared for the exam, they are curious to know their performance and rank in the exam. For this, many rank predictor tools are available online. Apart from this, students want to know the college in which seat will be allotted to them. For this, Jee main college predictor based on rank is used. This is another tool that predicts the possibility of admission in different colleges after calculating the rank in the JEE exam and the board exam.

Downloading And Filling The Exam Form

The official JEE Main website gives the facility of downloading the application form for the entrance exam. The students have to check the eligibility criteria and make sure that their age and qualification is as per the rules specified. Students who want to appear for the exam under reservation have to specify their status in the form. The form should be filled after reading it very carefully many times to eliminate any chance of errors and mistakes.

First Paper Of The JEE Mains Exam

The JEE Main exam was divided into two parts. The first paper was for admission in B.Tech and B.E course. For this paper, the students prepared for three subjects that are physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The student should have taken the same subjects in class twelfth. The question paper in these subjects is of objective type. The students can give the exam on paper. For this paper, examination with a computer is also allowed.

Second Paper Of The JEE Main Exam

The second paper of the JEE Main exam is for the B.Arch and B.Planning courses. For this paper, the question paper is divided into three parts. These are the mathematics and aptitude test papers. Apart from this, the students have to prepare for the drawing test, which is an important skill for the architecture course. For the second paper, only paper is allowed for writing the exam. Computers are not accepted as a mode of examination. This paper is for admission in the architecture and planning courses in the School of Planning & Architecture in Delhi, Bhopal and Vijayawada.

Difference In The Actual Results

The online college predictor helps the students in knowing the possibility of getting admission in top engineering colleges based on the performance in the JEE Main exam. A student has to enter the expected marks in the JEE and board exam both. However, this is just an assumption as the actual marks may differ from what the students are expecting. Thus, a student can get a higher or lower rank and a different college allotment according to the actual marks that will be obtained.

Comparison Of Marks On A National Level

For making a college prediction, the predictor tool compares the marks expected of a student with the expected marks of other students of the same board and the students on a national level. A large number of student marks data are analyzed and compared to make any prediction. If the students have already given the board exam in the previous years, the actual board exam is taken into account while expected marks are considered for students who are taking the board exam in the current year.

Predictor Tool Like A Counselor

A large number of students from all over India appear in the engineering entrance exam with the hope of being selected. It is a challenge to know whether one will be selected or not. The rank predictor and college predictor tools function like a real counselor to the students. It removes the doubts in the minds of students and helps them in guessing if they will get admission in various colleges.

Predictor Tool Useful For Online Counseling

The students can take help of the Jee main college predictor based on rank. For this, it is important to know the rank in the JEE Main exam. The rank can be calculated very easily by the online rank predictor tool available in many websites. The college prediction is also useful for online counseling for students to allot them different colleges based on their performance.'

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