How Will Job Search Change in 2016

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New Year is coming and most of job seekers decided to change their strategy and, therefore, change their job search. Obviously, they are expecting that the outcome of their job search will be positive. We have to say they will probably get what they want as 2016 is going to be the year of hiring for a workplace. Thus, if you are currently looking for a job, your chances of being hired the following year have promptly increased.

Still, you have to be aware of some new tendencies that will characterize job search in 2016. Yes, it will change and the key point that will define job search in the next year is technologies. In today’s digital era it is a commonplace and probably every job seeker already uses technologies to find a job. Let’s consider everything in details.

Using Professional Help is Okay

There are some situations when job seekers can’t produce powerful resume or CV. It turns to be a real problem as powerful resume or CV is a key of success. In such cases, most of them are afraid of applying for help.

Unfortunately, finding a reputable writing company is a challenge as there are more amateurs than professionals. In such cases use review of best CV writers in UK. This service will help you to choose the best helping company in UK and get a flawless paper within several days.

Still, you have to realize that applying for help doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you don’t know something but want to get it. So, applying for a help is okay. As 2016 is going to be a year of technologies, online helping services will become even more popular.


Befriends with Social Media

We use social media when we wake up, have breakfast, study or work. Social media has already captured every sphere of our lives. Therefore, it isn’t surprisingly that it will influence your job search too. With the help of social media you will easily extend your professional network to build connections in companies you would like to work. Moreover, it will act as extra powerful platform for a job search and increase your chances of being noticed.

Social Media Will Work in Your Favor

Nowadays, on the Internet it is possible to find any information about company you would like to work. Thus, in 2016 employees will use social media as extra source of detailed information about the company they have applied for a position. Simple job description won’t be enough anymore.

Conversations Become More Informal

It doesn’t mean you will have dates with your boss or executives. It means that interviews will be held in informal conditions to make applicants feel free and confident.

Furthermore, employers won’t pay as much attention to your resume or CV. They would like to get your personality, your passions and fears. Still, don’t forget that effective resume or CV will matter a lot as your professional competency is the most important factor for every recruiter.

Your Flexibility Will be Appreciated

In a time when companies have multiple locations that allow them to extend their networks, your flexibility will be highly estimated. Thus, emphasize your ability to move to another city or country, if it necessary.

You Will Need Video Devices

As it was said before, employers will try to know your interpersonal skills. For this purpose, you can use video that will perfectly reflect your personality.

Be Unique

In 2016 all applicants will get an opportunity to show themselves. Therefore, try to be outstanding and distinctive. Show your personality and make everyone see that you are independent even if you are applying to an ordinary position.

2016 is going to be a year of changes for job seekers. But don’t be afraid of it. Changes are always good even if you don’t accept them at once.'

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