How to Choose a Good Drilling Company in Edmonton

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The first thing that should come to your mind when planning a drilling project is how to get a good company for the job. Whether you are planning a large or a small drilling project, it is important that you choose a reliable company. There might be many companies out there offering drilling services, but remember, they are not all created equal. Avoid the temptation to hire the cheapest company you find, as this could mean the company is new in this industry or they lack the latest drilling equipment. It is advisable to conduct some research before making your choice. Here is a guide on how to choose a good drilling company:

Type of Foundation

Some companies will only deal with a specific type of terrain. Before choosing a drilling company, you should know the kind of materials that will be drilled. Discuss these materials with a potential company before hiring them. Do not make any assumptions, as you could end up hiring a company that does not offer their services on the type of terrain you have.

Length of Contract

There are drilling companies that only take long-term projects. For that reason, if your project is short-lived, let a potential company know this in advance. Also, if you are not completely sure how long your drilling project will take, be honest. The drilling company you choose will give you their own estimate. Choose a company that takes the shortest time possible to complete the project, so that you do not spend extra money on it.


When choosing a company, settle for one that has all the relevant equipment for the job. But if you own drilling equipment, you can hire a contractor that provides labour only. You can even choose to hire labourers and rent equipment separately, although this might be more expensive. For horizontal directional drilling in Edmonton, ensure that you use modern equipment that is in good working condition.


Inquire as to how long a drilling company has been in this business before hiring them. If possible, choose a company that has been offering horizontal directional drilling in Edmonton for at least five years. Such companies have built a reputation over the years and will not risk losing it by offering substandard services. Also, you should choose a contractor who has been in the same location for a long time. This assures you that you are not engaging a fly-by-night company.


Price is a major concern for many people. While you should look for a reasonably priced company, make sure they offer high quality drilling and in a well-timed manner. It is wise to compare cost from one company to another to get the most reasonably priced services.


This is an essential consideration when choosing a drilling company. Ask the opinion of your friends, relatives and colleagues on a potential company. An online search is also a good way to know if the company you are about to hire has a good reputation. Visit the company’s website and read client reviews on their services, or search the Internet for review sites or forums so you can get the most genuine feedback.'

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