How the Right Venue Can Make Your Conference a Resounding Success

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Conference planning can be a difficult challenge at the best of times;especially when there are so many elements to organise that can go wrong. Overlooking or mishandling any one of them can spell disaster for your special event.

Thankfully, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind that can dramatically increase the chances of staging a fantastic conference that will be a resounding success.


Location, Location, Location

A convenient location is one of the major factors that governs the success or failure of conferences the world over. Even a paradisiacal conference setting can fail to inspire attendees if itis too difficult to get to.

Guarantee a high level of interest and participation by ensuring those attending the conference can easily find the location and travel to it by a number of methods. Always be sure that the conference venue can be accessed by car, taxi and public transport and that there is a major airport nearby to cater to long distance travellers. See more at for a world class example.

An Abundance of Amenities

Aspects such as noise, traffic, personal safety, aesthetic qualities and a range of accommodation options also need to be taken into consideration. A convenient location will quickly lose its appeal if these important aspects have been neglected.

When people travel to conferences they like to have everything they need at their fingertipsas well as a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, from high end luxury to more affordable options. If the venue itself can provide these necessities, like Melbourne conference centres can, or they are readily available at close range then people will be more likely to attend the conference.

Technology and Multimedia

A well-organised conference generally relies heavily upon the use of well-functioning, up-to-date technology. Whether it is audio visual equipment such as monitors and displays, whiteboards, projectors, PA systems and a stereo for music or lightning-fast internet access, there are few conferences held today that are able to function without access to such technological necessities.

Solid Support Systems

One crucial key to organising a successful conference is having reliable venue staff that can easily arrange the specific elements needed by those that are hiring the conference space. Some venues are completely hands off, all that is provided is the room to host the event and every other aspect must be taken care of by the organisers.

Other services have the capacity to offer a ‘white glove service’ and can offer great expertise, networks and access to very specific requirements that have been identified by the conference hosts. Always check the willingness and abilities of the venue owners to help problem solve or act as a connecting point to necessary services in the local area that will help make the conference a success.

Floor Plan and Functional Space

Depending on the size and duration of the conference, there may be a need for additional space. Large conferences often have break out rooms for small groups or multiple presentations that occur either simultaneously in different rooms, or at varying times. Space may be needed for highly energised activities, or perhaps more reflective and quite processes such as planning and brainstorming. Depending on the hire fee, it is generally better to have booked too much room and not utilise it, rather than find the space is lacking, options are limited and the quality of the conference suffers because of it.

Organising conferences becomes easier with experience but sourcing the perfect venue will definitely help your event to flow smoothly without a hitch.'

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