Horizontal Drilling: One of the convenient methods for oil extraction  

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Since the discovery of oil, there are various procedures implemented for its extraction. In the initial days, the extraction of oil did not take place using scientific methods due to lack of proper equipment. But since then, different machines and methods are used to extract oil and gas so that it does not cause any unnecessary destruction to nature. The extraction of oil and gas requires precision and hence a reliable and advanced procedure should be employed.

Directional drilling is one of the new procedures that is used to extract oil and gas. It is the practice of drilling through non-vertical wells. It can be precisely broken down into three main groups, they are oilfield directional drilling, utility installation directional drilling and directional boring. Among them the utility installation directional drilling is also known as horizontal directional drilling. It is the most popular form of drilling and widely used around the world due to its effectiveness.


In horizontal drilling the well is turned horizontally at depth. As the oil or gas in itself runs horizontally, the procedure is very cost effective. Brian Alfaro, the president of Afaro Oil and Gas LLC also advocates the usage of this procedure. He studied the whole concept and as he have practical knowledge he can explain the ways how it promises to be cost effective. With his profound experience, he states that this horizontal drilling procedure is one of the best methods to extract oil and gas.

Drilling at an angle always increases the exposed length section. It also allows more number of wellheads grouped together one a particular surface location allowing lesser surface area disturbance. It is also cheaper and easier for the producer to use the process. There are also some places where direct and vertical drilling cannot be carried out especially in the places that are located near to the cities, towns or water bodies.

In these places too this horizontal direction drilling can be utilized. Environmentalists also advocate the usage of this drilling procedure. The impact on the environment is minimized upon usage of this procedure. It also enables to dig another well keeping safe distance from the other one but intersecting the troubled wellbore. The procedure is used since the 1920s but the latest technology and equipment of the 21st century make it more effective.

Brian Alfaro also suggests that it is important to review the location by eminent engineers and geologists who will conduct the whole survey and establish how the horizontal direction drilling will be conducted in the area. Along with the procedure, the latest equipment should also be employed to get the best results.

Now, when the whole world is facing the issues of pollution, global warming and environment degradation, proper procedures should be implemented when drilling. This horizontal direction drilling is one of the best procedures that extracts oil and gas, at the same time, affecting the environment minimally. As Brian Alfaro chooses the procedure sensibly, every management of all oil and gas extracting companies should use this method and make a step towards safe world.


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