GWC Valves and Greatness

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Often times when the human resources department looks for candidates to fill positions, they look at the basics, the usual, and the expected: degrees, experience, and extra-curricula’s and awards. More modern companies such as GWC Valves are looking at different, more unique variables that will determine candidates that could contribute to the company’s success.

The secret to a successful company is very simple according to GWC Valves: hard working employees. By hard work, GWC Valves means in every aspects and departments of the company: sales, customer service, production, distribution, engineering, production line, management, and so on…

GWC Valves is a company that understands that there is no replacing hard work. Not an association, business, or individual can achieve greatness without hard work and dedication. It would be desirable for a company to be able to hire a group of candidates that are naturally talented in everything they do but that does not promote diversity not is it likely.

Additionally, human resource managers should understand that there is going to be some poor hires and some brilliant ones. Just like their design and engineering process, GWC Valves like all companies will have trial and errors in every department.

For the previous reasons, GWC Valves invests in their greatness. Every new employee will receive training at the company’s expense for a couple of weeks. Following that, they will shadow a worker for a week. The extensive training is necessary for GWC Valves. When their employees understand the whole process of the company and the details of their jobs, they can more effectively perform their tasks. To add, employees al GWC Valves received annual training and refreshers to ensure that they are still doing proper procedures and are doing it to the best of their ability.

GWC Valves, as a result of investing into their employees so they can be more effective in their work, has captured the majority of their market share. The innovative company is constantly working towards a better future and a cohesive evolution of their products and customer relationships. With their continuous hard work, the company is constantly achieving greatness.'

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