Guidance for New Entrepreneurs from Johnathan Ahlf

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First time when a person steps into the shoes of an entrepreneur, he might not have much idea. In fact, many people might not even know where to invest and how much to invest. They might just go on and invest in ventures that they may not have the least bit of clue. This can cause great damage to their capital and even their reputation.

Building a company requires many things beyond just capital. Firstly, there are a few factors to be kept in mind. There would be risks in investing in a business and so when you say that you do not wish to take any big risk then proceeding in business might not be favorable for you. Secondly, there would be plenty of ups and downs and that means you might get more than expectation of profit from one project or product, but might not get even the breakeven from another product’s sales. Such ups and downs could be based on few things like the product’s quality or the people’s response to even the packaging. In a bid to help such entrepreneurs, Johnathan Ahlf and his team of experts have come up with services that are very reliable.


A newbie entrepreneur might not be aware of the technical or legal aspects of setting up a business or a store. The company UPP or United Payment Professionals would send across the legal experts, to guide them. These experts would start with verifying if the place that these entrepreneurs have chosen is worth its price and whether there is any kind of dispute regarding that property in its history and whether the owner has all the legitimate papers with himself or not. Further, the drafting of the contract or lease papers and then the formation of the business on paper and in reality would take place.

Johnathan Ahlf understands that when a first-time entrepreneur wishes to start a business, from the very first day, he would need an accountant. This accountant shall be able to maintain the books, and even have all the accounts payables and receivables drafted out. Tax payments and lapse of any deed should be brought to the notice of the entrepreneur by this accountant ideally and if there are any other bills or dues pending, the accountant should make provisions to recover it. Such cautious accountants would be essential and a valuable asset for the business.

Now the focus would shift on to the production and while many entrepreneurs would be sure of what to produce or sell, many may not, by now. They should not waste time or resources in planning at this stage. Right now in a bid to maintain the production pipeline, the business should have an operations head or a manager working with teams and team leaders. As Johnathan Ahlf and his team at UPP would state that only the first step is the big step and after that, everything would, with careful planning, fall in place.'

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