Giant Hot Air Balloons – The Most Innovative and Cost Effective Way of Advertising

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Good advertising is all about creating maximum awareness on the products and services offered by your company. The bigger the advertisement, the more likely it is to catch the attention of your targeted audience. It’s been said that size matters, this is especially true in advertising.

Advertising on hot air balloons

Advertising by using the medium of hot air advertising balloons is increasingly becoming popular. The sheer size of these balloons attracts the attention of the targeted audience. They are the most preferred choice of advertising for publicizing conventions and events hosted by companies.

Advertising balloons provide the opportunity to create a relationship with the customers. They are one of the most innovative and creative methods of advertising and publicizing events. The hot air balloons can be used enhance the existing marketing and advertising campaigns of the company.

Hot air balloons rise over Cappadocia, Turkey.

Uses of hot air balloons in advertising

Hot air advertising balloons include all types of helium operated balloons. They may be large or average in size. A typical hot air advertising balloon can have the promotional message imprinted on the surface.

Giant hot air balloons are most suited for big events which are held in large open spaces. They are usually placed at the centre point of the event to increase visibility. The giant balloon can be seen from a distance and helps in spreading awareness about the event. The wider the area the balloon is visible in, the higher is the customers reach. The giant balloons provide the most innovative way of advertising and can help in attracting customers.

Advantages of using hot air balloons in advertising

Hot air balloons used in advertising have a number of advantages as compared to other modes of advertising. Few of them are:

  • Greater visibility – Due to their size, the hot air advertising balloons are visible from a large distance. This ensures that the promotional message reaches the maximum number of people.
  • Flexibility in Renting or Owning – In contrast to the other media of advertising like television, newspaper and radio, hot air balloons can be owned. Investing one time in a giant hot air balloon can provide numerous benefits. Once you have ownership of the balloon, you can use it for a number of events.
  • Drawing attention – Hot air advertising balloons catch the attention of the targeted audience in a better way as compared to the other methods of advertising. It can help in creating awareness about the products, services or events organized by the company. This feature makes hot air advertising balloons the preferred choice for tradeshow and exhibits advertising.
  • Lower cost – The cost of a hot air balloon is significantly lower as compared to the cost involved in advertising on radio or newspapers. The lower costs make it a preferred choice among companies.

Hot air advertising balloons are an innovative way to create awareness about products, service and events. They offer a number of advantages to companies, which is the reason for their growing popularity.

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