Five Reasons to Invest in Branded Company Clothing

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Many businesses are on the fence when it comes to branded company clothing. While it can act as a great branding tool, many are unsure if it’s worth the extra outlay, or if staff will get on board with it.

However, there are multiple reasons why investing in branded clothing can help your company, not only from a branding perspective, but a practical one too.

We spoke to Stitch Embroidery who specialise in offering workwear in Preston, who said: “Rightly or wrongly, in the world of business, your customers, clients and competitors will have snap judgements about your business, and these will stick, so it’s important that you get them right.

“We believe that corporate uniforms give off the right first impression, and show people that your business is professional, organized and reliable.”


Staff attitude

If you put time and care into developing a good staff uniform, it can really transform the attitude and confidence of your workforce.

While its hard to measure, and it may take a little time to be noticeable, wearing a professional uniform certainly does have a knock on effect to your staff, and whether consciously or subconsciously, it gets them into the working frame of mind at the start of the day.

Not only this, but it also helps to make everyone feel more like part of a team, as they’re all equal and wearing the same, and working to achieve the same goals.

Staff feel more responsible for their actions

When your staff are walking round with your company logo on their chest, they’re acutely more aware that they’re representing your company.

Whether this is just sat around the office, out in meetings or at a trade show, your staff will take extra care with their actions and service as they know that they are representing the wider company.

Helps customers identify staff

It goes without saying that customers are more likely to approach members of staff who are decked out in a professional uniform.

Not only this, but they’re more likely to feel confident that that member of staff will be able to help give them great customer service.

You can also use your staff uniform to distinguish between different members of staff, for example supervisors could wear different uniform, or it could simply be that different departments wear different colours.

This all helps the customer to easily identify the member of staff that they need to speak to.

Helps build your brand

You should already be using the likes of social media, your website and advertising to grow your company’s brand, so why not go one step further and literally wear your brand?

This way, any time a customer or client sees any of your staff wearing your corporate clothing, they’ll always see your company logo, and hopefully come to associate that logo with great products and services!

For example check out some of these examples of corporate wear from Printsome and consider how many you instantly recognised without having to read who they were.

This blog post from B2B Marketing further explains how effective branded uniform can be as part of your wider marketing efforts.

Transforms public perception of your business

Corporate clothing conjures a whole different set of feelings about your staff and your business than if your staff were to wear their own clothes.

Firstly, it gives off a much more professional vibe, and this immediately means that customers will place more trust in your staff.

It also gives off an air of confidence from both yourself and your staff, suggesting that you truly believe in your products and services if you’re going as far as to display them on your clothing

Corporate clothing isn’t necessarily right for every business, but it’s certainly worth considering for the benefits that it could bring not only to your business, but to the staff themselves and your customers.'

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