Equipment Rentals in Cranbrook

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Purchasing new equipment for a short-term or one-off project can be a very costly investment for individuals, as well as small, and large contractors alike. For instance, besides being expensive, such equipment also requires frequent maintenance, transportation to the project site and enough space for storage. To avoid all that hassle, you can opt to rent such equipment instead. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in renting out a wide range of tools, equipment and even party items at budget-friendly costs.

Equipment Rentals in Cranbrook

If you are in Cranbrook, you can find reliable companies that offer different types of tools, equipment and items to clients who need to rent them. Even if you are just a small contractor who needs forklifts, excavators, concrete cutting or coring equipment rentals, these companies can help. They also offer ladders, trailers, and lawn equipment to home and business owners. Some of the equipment rentals that are offered by these companies include:

  1. Vacuums
  2. Excavators
  3. Light plants
  4. Parking lot sweepers & pressure washers
  5. Scissor & man lifts, scaffolding
  6. Sandblasting equipment
  7. Surveyors transits
  8. Welders
  9. Wood-chippers
  10. Air compressors
  11. Bobcats and loaders
  12. Tools such as nail guns, staplers, saws, sanders, and automotive, electric and plumbing tools
  13. Hoists and jacks
  14. Augers
  15. Concrete tools and mixers
  16. Compactors
  17. Pumps, generators and heaters
  18. Fasteners

The best thing about these companies is that they have the best quality equipment and you can count on them for any type of equipment you may need for your project. Whether you are working on a construction or renovation project or simply need the best crane services in Cranbrook, the professionals can help you out.

Party Supplies Rentals 

If you are planning for a wedding, birthday party or an outdoor carnival event, many of these companies can also accommodate these wishes, too. They will supply you with all the supplies you need for that event. Whether you need a bouncy castle for your kids or a wedding arch for your big day, they have you covered. Some of the party supplies they rent out include:

  1. Patio heaters
  2. Projection screens
  3. Concession equipment
  4. Dance floors
  5. Dunk tanks and bouncy castles
  6. Wedding lights, arches
  7. Disco balls
  8. Tables, chairs and chair covers
  9. Table linens and skirting
  10. BBQs and meat slicers
  11. Fountains (chocolate and punch)
  12. Liquor dispensers and beverage containers
  13. Dinnerware, cutlery, glassware
  14. Coffee makers

They have virtually anything you need to make your event successful, without having to incur the cost of purchasing all those items. Moreover, another advantage of renting items, tools and equipment from these companies is that if they do not have the thing you are looking for, they can always get it from somewhere else. This helps to ensure that your project or event goes on without interruption from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, the companies can be accessed 24 hours a day, which is very critical, especially in urgent or emergency situations.

So whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or contractor who needs tools and equipment for your projects, these companies can provide you with whatever you need. And remember, the company you choose should have the best coring equipment rentals and crane services in Cranbrook.'

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