Data Cleansing Services

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A wise band once said: “Get up for the money, the power and fame”. This quote will be the foundation to this article of which I will draw out these 3 important points to highlight the importance of Data Cleansing Services.

If we are honest for a second and you are working for Telemarketing Companies the likelihood is that it’s the financial benefits that get you up in the morning rather than the excitement of making telephone calls. I am of course generalising, perhaps it’s just me who finds money a powerful motivation.

My opinions aside, let’s look at the other point in that quote. Power! In the telemarketing industry, information is power! Data is incredibly important but going through a huge backlog of data can be an incredibly tedious process even for the most accomplished and established organisations. The answer is simply a well thought out data cleansing services operation. This will give you countless opportunities to your marketing campaigns. Below are 4 useful tips which I got from an a telemarketing article not that long ago.

1.) People move around incredibly quickly, changing jobs more frequently than they change their underwear. This makes keeping a database of contact details redundant on a regular basis. Actively building a relationship with key people will help you keep an eye on people moving around giving you the best chance of keeping your data up to date.

2.) As we live in an overwhelmingly tech­centered world it’s not surprising that the amount of data being produced is as numerous as the stars. It’s important to note that Social Media have a lot to do with a dramatic increase in data but our business records are increasing equally as fast. We need to be doing everything we can to keep it clean.

3.) Speaking of clean data. Human productivity will always be a battle in the workplace. Especially as companies attempt to make the workplace more comfortable by introducing luxuries encouraging the employee to stay at work for ever. The only trouble with this is the distractions which are available at any point in the day making the work and play balance a little one sided in favour of play. Strong leadership and solid management is the answer in this situation.

 4.) The key to all of this is have a fully comprehensive data cleansing service in place. It should be obvious by now that we are naturally accumulating outrageous quantities of data. Regularly updating your database is good practice and will help you maintain a fluid and clean system for record keeping.

Only two questions remain. One of which is ‘does this directly contribute to making money’ which we established at the beginning of this article is the whole reason you get out of bed in the first place and the answer is simply yes. The second question is, ‘what does this have to do with fame’ and i’m pleased to tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with fame, I just like the lyrics.'

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