Contact CKGS To Get Visa For Any Country In A Hassle-Free Manner

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Are you planning to settle or study abroad? Even if you are simply planning an exotic holiday at an international holiday spot, you must have a visa. However, many are deterred by the idea of going through the tiresome process of getting a Visa. It indeed is long in the case of some countries and in an absence of the right guidance. If you have no knowledge of the process, chances are you will never see the day when you will have your visa in your hands, but relax as there is indeed a company that makes the entire thing a breezy affair.

Cox and Kings Global Services(CKGS) ensures that you can apply for a visa to any country effortlessly. The company has a wide presence across the globe and is engaged in offering multiple services like biometric enrollment, electronic document management, and visa and passport processing to embassies and diplomatic missions.

List of countries for visa application via CKGS


Cox and Kings Global Services cater to a large global clientele and hence, offers a wonderful opportunity to aspiring visa applicants to apply visa in a hassle-free manner. The list of countries to which applicants can apply for visa via CKGS are the following ones:

  • Thailand
  • India
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Egypt
  • Sweden
  • Kuwait
  • Japan
  • Dubai
  • USA
  • Vietnam

Complete guidance on visa application

Cox and Kings Global Services understands that applying for a VISA can be scaring for a beginner as there are so many documents involved. Hence, for each of the above country, the company offers a detailed guidance. They even offer an FAQ section for each country so that applicants never face any hurdle in understanding the nuances of the application process.Moreover, every kind of information is given to the applicants to identify their visa category and visa type effortlessly. They even fill the repetitive fields in the letters and form themselves and you need to fill only the missing ones. This dramatically reduces the time and facilitates in a fast visa processing.

Aids in easy tracking of visa application

The company facilitates an easy tracking of visa application so that applicants can get relaxed. They can use the My Account tab for the same and to use it, they are required to enter Web Reference Number, Passport Number and yes, date of birth. This is just to ensure that an authorized user tracks the application. Upon a successful login, an applicant will be eligible not only to track visa application but also the below-mentioned ones:

  • Applicant details
  • Service details
  • Download and Print Documents and Forms
  • Download and Print Shipping Label
  • Download and Print Payment Receipt
  • Make Payment
  • Purchase Shipping and other value added services
  • Upload missing / additional documents requested

So, visit the official site of such visa processing company and choose the country to which you are seeking a VISA and the rest journey will be a smooth one. Cox and Kings Global Services is also the official Partner of Embassy of India.'

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