Choosing a Corporate Entertainment Agency

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Holding an entertaining and fun corporate event can lead to many benefits for a business. Whether you are looking to reward your staff for their hard work, aim to strengthen teamwork and moral, or simply want to wow consumers, making use of a corporate entertainment agency is a great idea.

They are professional event organizers, so know exactly how to put together the type of entertaining event your company wants. Most agencies have a massive selection of services available, with multiple acts available for your event, including musicians, dancers, artists, magicians, and much more.

Wondering on what to look out for when choosing an entertainment agency for your corporate event? Then follow these helpful tips!

Know Your Budget and Potential Venues

Knowing the finances available for the agency will let you immediately know who is within your price range. You don’t need to waste time looking at agencies that don’t meet your budget, cutting down the list of candidates from the get go.


Where the event can be held will also help with choosing an agency. Many corporate entertainment agencies can be found throughout the country and many of these hold events in many locations, so knowing where you plan to hold the event can be a big help.

If your company is based in London, then the event can be held anywhere within or nearby to the city. Going further afield for your event may be more suitable, but it could also cost you more in travel etc. Having an idea of the city or town where the event will be held will allow you to select an appropriate agency.

Have a Rough Idea of the Entertainment You Want

Now there are many different types of entertainment available from most agencies. All tend to belong to the performing arts, so you should have an idea of what is appropriate for your event. Knowing who will be at the event and what you want to achieve from it should help with this.

Some agencies specialise in providing musicians, representing famous bands or solo artist that could certainly impress at the event. Or it may be something a little less high profile, such as a comedian or a dance troupe.

Understanding what types of entertainment best suits your event will allow you to shop around various agencies to see if they can provide the services you are looking for.

Research Potential Candidates

With so many potential corporate entertainment agencies to choose from, it can seem overwhelming on deciding on one. That’s why you should thin down any would-be agencies into a final list and then do your research from there.

Every agency will claim to be the best on their website, so look beyond just what they say. Try and find testimonials from other companies that reflect your own. Look for answers to questions such as did they enjoy what was on offer? Was it deemed value for money? How successful was the event?

The last thing you want to do is hire an unreliable or overhyped agency that lets you down!'

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