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The issue with traditional trench box was that it was expensive and also very inefficient to cover the area from the external exposure. The newly designed trench boxes have resolved this issue to a large extent with the introduction of shear cap. Several small construction firms acquire trench box for sale as the retail price is high. The trench boxes have the main function to protect the employees at the site. The external exposure of the workers at the field is reduced through the introduction of the trench boxes. Based on different utilities, the trench boxes have been sub classified in to steel trench box, aluminum trench boxes, hydraulic trench shoring, bedding/gravel box.

Aluminum Trench box

It is a lightweight trench shield designed to be used for the utility of rubber tired backhoes and loaders. The modulators have the tendency to ingress with the tubular trenches at the site. The aluminum trench boxes have the other quality that is they are rust resistant and durable. The modular trenches are designed to support the transport of the aggregates by the pickup trucks.8

Steel Trench boxes

The government authorities have set a typical standard by introduction of steel trenches for both safety and security as well as deep scouring for the design of shields. The main advantage of the steel trench is that it is durable as well as rust resistant for longer periods. The use of steel pit box makes the shield more tensile and increases the bearing capacity of the shield.

The introduction of the steel trench box has set high standards for both private and government organization to use a suitable trench box as far as possible to ensure the safety and security of the workers at the field. There are several other trenches being prepared such as hydraulic shoring trenches and bedding/ gravel trench for advanced construction purposes.'

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