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The requirements of business mobile phone users and personal phone users is vastly different, when looking for a new package. Personal users are driven by acquiring a particular phone at the cheapest price possible, while business users are looking for a blend of service consistency and improved value for money.

This year, the business division of Carphone Warehouse, who help people find the best mobile business phone every day, surveyed a broad spectrum of business decision makers, to ascertain the barriers and concerns, that making the decision to move presents.

Carphone Warehouse Business Study

Five key risks identified includes:

  1. Being sure that a new deal will be more cost effective
  2. That network coverage will be as good or better than that of the existing network
  3. Being sure that service will be continuous
  4. That data held on the existing phones will not be lost and can be moved onto new devices
  5. That all business requirements are understood and met

The survey by Carphone Warehouse Business also highlights a number of interesting statistics. Over the last two years, apps and mobile internet, have fundamentally changed the way that 41 percent of businesses work. This has generated an increase of data usage year-on-year.

How to Reduce the Risks of moving Provider

Cost is usually under close scrutiny and an independent 3rd party review of the company’s last three phone bills can be used to search for more cost effective solutions. Research shows that 89 percent of businesses could save up to 27 percent, through the deeper understanding of their usage profile.

Network coverage is not just desired but essential. The coverage for business’s offices can be checked using Ofcom and network coverage maps but a SIM coverage pack can go far beyond this. With a free SIM card for each major network, business phone users can check signal at home, on the commute or at off-site locations of work. Carphone Warehouse Business themselves provide various network solutions including O2 business phone contracts as well as Vodafone and EE business deals.

Continuous communication is also essential during any changeover and for ease, SIM card matching tools can be used to ensure the right mobile phone gets the right SIM. Large orders can, on request, be accompanied by on-site assistance.

Transferring data is much easier than it used to be, due to online cloud data storage and backup. Over the phone and in store, assistance can further be used to assist by walking through this process.

Business requirements can be understood through an initial consultation and this can assess elements such as making IT and software mobile, providing cloud based solutions, device management and security.

There are also subtle differences between going direct to a phone network or going to a third party provider. The third party can put together a complete package that can use multiple phone networks to ensure that the best coverage and costs are offered.'

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