Be Choosy About Your Favorite Wine

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Just like food and clothing, there are a number of people who are extremely choosy about how they prefer the wine they consume. The specific taste and aroma are a ‘must have’ for them for any glass of wine they are about to relish. To them this article would be advantageous as it explores the various possibilities in the world of wine.

While some know what is the exact type of wine they want, there are a great many who have not yet found the right match for their taste buds. For them this might be helpful, in being able to know the types of different wines that can be available. Though this is not a detailed discussion, it will surely give you an overview of the best types available.First up is the – Barley wine.


The barley wine has a deceptive name, it is actually not a wine at all. It is made from grains and has an alcohol content of up to 12%, thus giving it a “good kick”. So don’t be duped by the word wine, it is more like a strong beer. A similar type of impostor is the Rice wine.

Ap`eritii – this is an “appetizer” wine. Just like we have kebabs and chicken fingers as starters, this too is a starter in the wine world. Sherry and Madeira are two types and they are served before the consumption of a heavy meal in order to stimulate the appetite.

Red and White wines – these are very common names known by almost everybody. They go as an accompaniment with most main course meals. While the Red wine pairs extremely well with food comprising of any red meat or tomato sauce; the White wine enhances the experience of meals containing white meats and white sauce. The basic difference between the two wines is that red wine is made after the fermentation of grape skins and the white wine is made without grape skin.

Not all wine sellers house every type of available wine but some famous ones like Slocum & Sons run by Mr. Wendy Eber CT, i.e. hailing from Connecticut; is one stop shop for your first class wine. They have awesome quality wines and wonderfully knowledgeable staff who do not just sell quality products but know all that is important about the wide range of wines they sell.

An interesting type of wine is the Rose wine. These are known by the name of ‘Pink wine’. This is a combination of both the Red and white wine and is mostly served with seafood, salad, etc.

Just as desserts end a full course meal, so do you have a dessert wine, that is ideally served with a piece of carrot cake or a slice of apple pie. Tokay, Port wine, Sweet Sherry are the variables of this kind of wine.

Irrespective of the kind of wine you would like to indulge in, you should make sure that you buy wine from sellers and distributors like the one run by Wendy Eber-CT, i.e. in Connecticut, United States, who have never stepped behind from making huge investments in the business, to acquire the present status they are in.'

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