An On-Site Shredding Service Will Help You Avoid The Risks Of Identity Theft

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No matter what industry you’re in, once you start amassing paperwork and digital information from your clients, you need to take proper care. The personal information your business collects has to be stored and disposed of according to laws set by the Government of Canada. Failure you to do so can slap your company with some hefty fines and irreparable damage to your reputation. Before your business throws out obsolete files, make sure you contact a mobile shredder company to help make sure you do it properly.

Without a mobile shredder company, you can improperly dispose of the data you’ve collected, exposing your clients’ information to identity thieves. Any business found guilty of doing this can receive big fines, amounting to over $100,000 in Canada. Clients may take additional legal action against the business should their sensitive information get placed into vulnerable waste bins. All of this will go public, through newspapers and news site, which can result in a loss of shareholders and customers who don’t trust your brand anymore. When it’s all said and done, the monetary consequences of unsafe disposal methods can exceed $100,000. Your business could be facing a dark future just because you failed to comply with easily followed laws.

Shredding Service

On-site shredding services are a secure and convenient way to ensure your business is following the letter of the law. A company will send a truck to your place of business, and fully bonded, uniformed employees will collect your paper documents and digital media that need to be shredded. While still on your property, these employees will shred your documents until they can produce a “Guarantee of Destruction” to prove that their truck has destroyed the material until it’s irretrievable. For more information regarding the destruction process, click here. You’ll learn that no one can access the information you’ve collected from clients, and you won’t face the consequences of breaking any information disposal laws.

Employing an on-site shredding service will also ensure all of the digital and paper material is properly recycled. With another guarantee, mobile shredding companies can prove that they won’t dispose of your confidential material at any landfill. They’ll reroute your destroyed documents to a secure recycling plant, which will help reduce the use of water, energy, and landfill space. For any business that’s struggling to think of ways to be greener, mobile shredding is one way to lower your corporate eco-footprint.

The only way to keep your clients’ information (and therefore your business) safe from identity theft is to partner with an on-site shredding company. It’s the easiest way to ensure paper and digital material is being properly disposed of in a safe and secure manner.'

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