A Divorce Lawyer on Common Divorce Myths

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The idea of divorce has become more acceptable during recent years but there are still a number of myths that remain. Many couples fail to realize until they are involved in a long, nasty divorce case that they could have avoided some of the common pitfalls of divorce if they had taken a different approach to ending their marriage. Knowing what to believe and what to ignore could save you a lot of frustration, time and money when you decide to get divorced.

The Kids Can Not Handle It Because They are Too Young to Understand

Too often, parents are careless about making derogatory remarks about the other parent. Children sometimes become a point of hostility when they don’t agree on custody and child support arrangements. Parents may also make the choice to have their children “spy” on the other parent while they are in their custody.

At a time when children are trying to deal with the changes going on in their life and the emotions that result, these actions will only add to their distress and confusion. Hiring a divorce lawyer who provides mediation services can allow families to work out their differences without the impact that a court trial can cause. Eidelman & Associates is a law firm that is dedicated to helping families resolve the challenges of divorce whether they are contested or uncontested, through mediation or litigation.

The Spouse Who Fights the Hardest Gets the Best Settlement

Two methods of distribution, including community property and equitable distribution are followed by different states. Communal property states require the marital property to be split evenly between the two states while equitable distribution states give the judge more flexibility in determining what is a fair division. A local divorce lawyer can tell you what the divorce laws are for your state.

The Divorce Is Your Spouse’s Fault

It is instinct to want to assign blame when things go wrong, especially when it is something as significant as the end of a marriage. In spite of your feelings, a divorce is rarely the result of one spouse’s actions. If there are arguments or a lack of communication, it may simply be the result of having grown apart. The bottom line is that you are no longer willing to fight to keep your marriage together and now you need to find the best way to bring it to an end and move on. Contrary to what you may have been told, divorce court is not the place to get back at your spouse for getting you to this place. Take your share of the blame or accept that it is just time to move on and make the process as easy on you and your family as possible.

A divorce lawyer can help you get to the fastest, least stressful resolution to your divorce without engaging in a long, bitter and expensive battle in court. Mediation is often the best solution when getting a peaceful and fair resolution is your top priority.


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