A Brief Understanding of Geopolitics

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When geographical space relates to political power, it is known as Geopolitical. The present meaning and use of the term is radically different from what it was conceived as. In its days of inception, Geopolitics was an understanding of the international affairs largely influenced by Social Darwinism; at that time there was very little belief in international laws and norms.

Swedish political scientist Rudolph coined the term ‘Geopolitics’ at the dawn of the 19th century. At various points of time this word has also been used to talk about international politics. The basis for coining this term was that, it had been noticed that geographical changes, particularly climate,arable land, topography and access to the sea; were in a considerable way an influence on the political scenario.

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There were geopoliticians, at that time, who tried to understand how the then newly begun transportation, communication and industrial capabilities, in accompaniment of the geographical features of the Earth could influence the character, location and number of viable security units in the up coming international system.

This work is being carried on in the present times by Stratfor Global Intelligence firm. It is a geopolitical intelligence firm that provides perfect forecasts and intelligence reports for globally engaged people, both individuals and companies. They analyze the geopolitical situations for corporations, governments, financial institutions, and universities all over the world.

The world war witnessed the down fall of geopolitics because of mainly two factors. One was its association with Germany’s Nazi Party and the other was the Japaneses imperialism. But even after that geopolitics carried on influencing the political scenario internationally, and became the basis for the Cold War and its strategy of containment.

Geopolitics slowly started incorporating economics and military factors into it. A strategic decision making is one of the crucial parts of geopolitics. Which is why Stratfor, the geopolitics intelligence firm helps the various companies in skillfully planning their strategies, by forecasting how the market might be influenced based on the present trends of the market. They offer advisory services to fund managers and business executives and have largely been successful in all their endeavors.

Industrial history of the world reveals to us that with the rise of China and India to power, geopolitics has acquired a dominant position over globalization. While globalization refers to obliterated state barriers, transnational flows and interdependence; Geopolitics refers to power politics and power games.

Post the 20th century, Geopolitics has adopted a whole lot of changes in its being. It is now no longer associated with Social Darwinism. Also in terms of perspectives on power and space it has hugely become local rather than global. There is a growing utility of the term and it in a way shows, that there is want of a term that can properly describe the rise of multipolarity and the renaissance of rivalry among the great powers. Thus , though the role of geopolitics has been altered from time to time, yet its importance has always climbed the ladder, for groups and individuals alike.


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