6 Unique Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Small Digital Business

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Is your a small digital business doing the best to get off the ground? You will need to employ a good set of promotional tactics if you want to go toe to toe with the giants in your industry. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.Cater to a Specific Customer Base

Before you design your advertisements, you need to find your core base of customers. If your digital business sells scented soap, it’s possible that your main customer base is made up of millennial women. If you sell vintage artwork online, your main customers would be well-off people, most likely middle aged or older, who really like art.

You will have to make your promotional material suitable and attractive to these groups. For example, WME is a digital marketing agency in Australia. Their customer base is mostly composed of businesses and online entrepreneurs. WME has optimised their marketing strategy to be most attractive to these groups. Focus your efforts similarly.

2.Design a Mobile App

More and more people are using mobile devices to purchase items. Your company will be at an advantage with a mobile app that can reach millions of users who exclusively browse the net on their phones. You can also incorporate the highly lucrative mobile marketing tactics with a mobile app.

Unique Marketing

3.Do Everything to Optimise Customer Experience

Customer is king. The best way to grow your business is to cater to your customer’s needs so they keep coming back and recommend your business to others. Therefore, you should prioritise to make your website and services optimal for customers. Make your website easy to navigate and very fast to load. Have a dedicated customer service team on call 24/7 to respond to inquiries as soon as possible. Create a loyalty program and reward returning customers. Occasionally offer special promotions as incentives. Get customer feedback and don’t hesitate to implement their suggestions.

4.Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a tried and tested form of advertising that can greatly benefit small businesses. Do not confuse email marketing with sending spam messages. Instead, you should design eye-catching email newsletters to send to existing customers so they keep coming back. Email seasonal offers, special discounts or advertisements for free giveaways. Doing so will immensely help you retain customers.

5.Post on Forums

Many online businesses often ignore forums as a form of social media platform to promote the company. Forums are a great way to reach out to potential customers and get your business ideas out there without overtly advertising. For example, if you are an online travel agency, you can post answers to questions or trip reports on travel forums. Or, if you are a website designing company, you can visit tech forums to post things about website design. Forum posts are reliable for customers more than an advertisement ever could be.

6.Invest in Market Research

The next generation in marketing strategy for digital businesses is data based techniques. The best way to reach customers is to know what they like, how they spend, and what they like to spend money on. You will need to invest in thorough market research to know your customers inside out. Once you do, you will be able to target advertising and design behaviour specific promotional material.

Inspired? Try one or two of the above mentioned to jumpstart the growth rate for your small digital business.


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