3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Coursework Early

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Coursework writing is a normal part of university life and one which most students experience on a day-to-day basis. However, just because something is the norm, that’s no excuse to slack off! Leaving coursework writing to the last minute can have devastating consequences for your overall performance on a module, or even for your entire year. Here are three reasons to prove that it’s well worth putting the effort in early and reaping the rewards later on.

  1. More time to spot errors. If you start your coursework writing well in advance, you will have plenty of time to identify and rectify errors within the work. Students who pull all-nighters the day before a deadline will often miss mistakes and typos due to their sleep-deprived eyes and sheer panic. It’s worth making a start on your coursework early so that you can work steadily and methodically; identifying any errors as you go along. You will also have more time for those last-minute read-throughs!2
  2. You can multitask. At certain points of the year, many students find themselves snowed under with coursework writing. The unlucky ones may find themselves with three or four assignments at once! Therefore, the way forward is to start each piece of coursework ahead of schedule, giving yourself the best chance of completing all of your work before the deadline. Working on three different essays over three weeks is infinitely better than cramming them all into three days! Plus, when you get bored of one essay, you can simply move onto the next for a few days without worrying about being pushed for time.
  3. Play it safe. When it comes to coursework writing, some essays can take weeks to complete. You never know what might happen in that time – what if you become unwell, or your laptop crashes the day before the deadline? If you’ve left your essays until the last minute, you’ll be in a very difficult position and may have to apply for an emergency extension. If your tutor finds out you had barely started work on your assignment, they are unlikely to grant you one in a hurry! Starting your coursework writing early helps account for any potential mishap or unforeseen circumstance that could occur before your deadline – so be smart and plan ahead.

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